Your Next Luxury Holiday Made Easy: A Guide

Even the words ‘luxury holiday’ may make you feel relaxed and encourage the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end in expectant pleasure. It’s a tantalising thought to imagine yourself stretched out under the rays of the afternoon sun, cocktail in hand, and with little to think about other than restoring yourself back to health, and recharging your batteries.

Luxury communicates exquisite cuisine, luxuriant bed sheets and long lazy morning in bed sipping coffee, fine wine, relaxation, and much sought after excursions. The process of booking your luxury holiday lays before you, and this part is, it’s safe to say, not so sumptuous.

So, this guide to follow is going to aid you in making your next luxury holiday a breeze from start to finish.

What do you want?

Decide what you need and want from your holiday by making a comprehensive list of all of your wants and needs. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want absolute tranquility, adventure and glamour, or a mix of all?
  • Am I only going to properly unwind by the coastline?
  • What cuisine am I most likely going to want to indulge myself in, will I want to treat myself?
  • Am I going to want to stroll in vineyards and drink superb wines while I’m away?
  • Do I seek solitude and a calmer pace of life for the duration of my stay?

What these questions are helping you do is use your imagination. Wherever you envisioned as your view into a luxurious break away, then be sure to follow that further. If you answered an affirmative ‘yes’ to the above questions, then you’ll want to consider jetting off to the likes of the South of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. Kefalonia and Crete can offer you pristine sapphire waters, delicious cooking, and easy booking by searching for villas in Crete.

Style sorted

You’re on holiday to relax, but also to impress and boost your confidence. This means be stylish at all times and knowing how to dress for your body. Before departing on your luxury holiday, be sure to hit the gym in order to know you’re looking good, as well as source some beautifully cut and tailored clothes (a suit too if you’re going to attend a fancy event while away).

You’re on holiday to relax, but also to impress and boost your confidence. This means be stylish at all times and knowing how to dress

Packing help

Toiletries are a must, as you’ll want to relax in the knowledge that you’re exceptionally well groomed, that you look the part, and smell the part too. Don’t forget to pack with you your favourite scents – colognes, after-shaves, and deodorants too. With this said, of course, you won’t be able to travel with any liquid bottles above 100ml, so take smaller ones with you, or go instore to ask for testers, or explain your predicament.

Instead of packing a mains adapter with you, ring ahead to check to see whether there’s already one there at the place of your accommodation. Always try to pack less than you think you need, so that you’re not fumbling along at the airport and through duty-free with oversized luggage, and subsequently feeling stressed and self-conscious.

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