How To Look Good on a Cruise

packing list for a cruise

Traveling on a cruise is unlike most other trip away, almost all ships have their own unique dress code that you must adhere to. Looking good on a cruise has it’s difficulties as it is often necessary to change three timers per day for all the days you plan to stay on the ship.

We are not really a fan of vests for Cruise ships and wouldn’t advise you use them in restaurants. They are good under shirts and can look stylish that way. Wear a nice t-shirt with shorts and flipflops- however if the breakfast is at the fancy restaurant then I would advise the use of a shirt /polo and some shorts.


Depending on the activities that you have planned will determine the style that you should adopt. White t-shirts in particularly are fantastic for all times of the day and therefore I would ensure you pack several into your suitcase. Invest in good quality t-shirts as old and low quality ones can be easily noticed.

If you are staying aboard the cruise then I would advise that you keep things low key , t-shirt, nice long cotton shorts and nice flip flops, ipanemas are a great choice.

Depending on which ship you are on they will have different rules and standards. Most high-end trips will expect you to be formal in some of the restaurants but there are always places to eat where you don’t need a suit.
Most evenings there will be the usual Smart Casual setting for men which is to dress smart whilst not over doing it with a jacket and tie/bowtie.



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Island Hopping

On most cruise ships you will stop off in coastal towns where you will spend often a day to explore. With this it is important that you look good but are also comfortable. Our Tip: Pair lightweight shorts and a button up. Keep it slim fitting & to go even more stylish, an Hawaiian printed shirt looks good. Top it off with some white Converse and sunglasses.

white converse

style for a cruise

white shirt

packing list for a cruise

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