Fun and Fashionable Things to Do in Los Angeles in 2020

Los Angeles: there’s always something on somewhere. Although this article can’t possibly cover all the chic mayhem a good time in L.A. entails, it should help you pick some great cocktail spots for a night out while escorting a friend, find a cool music festival, and get in on the trendiest art in town.

Clubs, Pubs, and Bars

Folks get thirsty, especially in steamy L.A. The city elevated cocktails to a true art form, and its bars still attract the world’s best talents to this day. All tastes are welcome, and while you’re sure to find your old favorites with pretty, Hollywood makeovers, be sure to try something new before you call it a night.

Pinky’s Los Feliz

If you can’t decide between tacos and shots – don’t. Pinky’s has a menu as colorful and warm as the décor. Fill your belly and grab a highball to kick off or wind up a night on the town.

Bibo Ergo Sum

The name translates to, “I drink, therefore I am,” and the bar lives up to highbrow cheekiness it promises. The atmosphere will transport you to the golden age of Hollywood, and the drinks will make your dreams come true, at least for a few hours.

Bar Restaurant

Class and simple elegance define this venue’s menu, aesthetic, and flavor. They are masters of the craft, offering classics along with seasonal cocktails and small plates ideal for sharing.

Death & Co.

Hit this underground speakeasy for exciting new flavors in the perfect setting. You can’t help feeling the naughty vibe of old-timey rule breakers, and the bar’s owners follow that tradition with a seasonal cocktail menu that consistently – and deliciously – pushes boundaries.

Spirit House Echo Park

Settled on iconic Sunset Boulevard, this Thai cocktail bar brings something fresh to 2020. Enjoy fusion creations featuring delicate flavors like tea with fresh juice and house-made orgeat. Soak in the candlelight as you take your taste buds on an adventure.

Music Festivals

The City of Angels isn’t big on quiet harps and flutes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make some noise. Essentially every month sees a music festival or two, and while some are big news across the country, some smaller venues offer a one-of-a-kind experience your Instagram and budget will love. The three listed below stand out in this year’s lineup.

BeachLife Festival

This laid-back event aims to be every would-be beach bum’s dream come true. It offers more than just great music for every kid who grew up dreaming of the waves, but lots of fun in the sand. Guests will have a festival full of LA beach culture to soak up this May.

Tropicalia Fest

This event blends two great staples of southern Cali: music and tacos. Enjoy some of the best food in town as the Pico Rivera Sports Arena spills over with indie rock, punk, Latin, and R&B. It promises to be a true feast for the senses.

Adult Swim Festival

TV stations rarely hold music festivals, but Adult Swim continues to break the mold with their colorful extravaganza this November. Although performers have yet to be announced, the organizers promise a world-class music festival flavored with irreverent comedy and odes to the show that put them on the map, Robot Chicken.

Art Exhibits and Attractions

For over a century, L.A. has led the country with some of the most innovative, spirited, and colorful art of its time. The city continues this trend with avant-garde exhibits, exceptional museums, and installations, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Get ready to dream, create, and snap a few thousand selfies.

Museum of Selfies

Packed with immersive exhibits, this interactive museum practices what it preaches. Dive into a pool of emojis, check out an upside-down room and check out the endless seasonal scenes and photo ops crammed into this unique venue. It’s fun, tongue-in-cheek, and full of smiles.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Most guests don’t make it past Urban Light, the forest of hundreds of refurbished lampposts at the museum’s entrance, because they spend all day filling their Instagram with magical snapshots. While you should absolutely pause for a selfie, make sure to go beyond the lamps and enjoy the rest of the museum’s modern art collection. It’s just as fun and photogenic.

Huntington Art Collections, Libraries, and Botanical Gardens

Where else can you visit a Gutenberg Bible and a finely manicured Japanese garden in a single afternoon? This vast collection of printed, painted, and growing art is one man’s legacy, and now it’s all yours to wander. The photo ops are endless, and there’s a surprise around every corner.


Want to touch the exhibits? This is the place for you. This fully interactive art exhibit blends light, color, and space to make dazzling, unique experiences, many of which shift and change with the visitor. It’s an escape from reality and a trip to the stars.


People spend lifetimes trying to taste, hear, and try everything in Los Angeles. It isn’t a bad way to go. What attractions grabbed your attention in 2020?

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