Tips On How To Power Dress & Own Your Social Situation

Power dressing is an idea that comes in many guises – from the power shoulders of 80s business dresses to the bold cut of a classic suit. But the clothes you wear can help you own more than simply office scenarios.

From the office to your own home, below I’ve given three examples of how to dress and own your social situations.

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Business power dressing is about assurance

Don Draper is one of TV’s most stylish characters – whether he’s in a dashing suit or smashing a t-shirt, he always looks the part. Most of Don’s scenes in Mad Men are focused around business and he’s often the center of attention, owning the situation.

One of the reasons Don owns his business interactions is that the clothes he wears reek of assurance – he’s not flashy, just simple and powerful. This means that people take him seriously because they know the substance comes from his words, not his attire.

Dating power dressing is about confidence

Dating is about many things – striking a conversation, a basic attraction, having mutual interests. But at its base level, a first date often boils down to one thing – confidence, and this is something you can present in the choice of clothes you wear.

Patrick Verona is one of the protagonists in 10 Things I Hate About You, a teen adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew. While the film offers ample evidence of what you shouldn’t do in dating (going out with someone for money), Verona provides a stirring example of how to dress with confidence. How? By wearing PVC trousers on the first date:

While you might not quite have the confidence to pull off PVC trousers (who does?) the point remains that on a date you need to show that you’re confident in yourself. So pick clothes that make you happy and that’ll be half the battle won.

P.S. if Patrick Verona “can’t be seen in Club Skunk,” why does the barman know him by name?

Online power dressing is about comfort

The online environment might not appear to be one that requires any level of power dressing – after all, the social situation is doesn’t involve personal contact in the traditional sense.

Online social situations are more nuanced than that, and one example where power dressing comes into play is when you’re gaming and gambling. Why? Because you’re involved in a social situation with your fellow players and feeling comfortable improves your gameplay.

South Park poses the idea of comfort dressing in the show’s Make Love Not Warcraft episode, depicting its characters as descending into slovenliness. However, this shouldn’t put you off. Say you’re playing poker at one of the many you can choose from. Without getting slovenly, you can pick out a comfy hoody and well-fitting jeans – it’s what I do. This instantly puts you at ease and allows you to relax into your game, meaning you make better decisions and increase your chances of winning.

These are just three great examples of how power dressing can help you own your social situation. The basic principles I’ve discussed are applicable to many other situations – how often can you own a social situation by feeling assured, confident, or comfortable? The answer is loads.

So put the tips from this article into practice and use the clothes you wear to be your best self!

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