US versus UK Rivalry Moves to the Closet

men shirts style US versus UK

To which do you like working better, the Americans or the English? I’ve dealt with both of them over the past years and I can say each of them has a very unique style to do business.

TM Lewin, a UK online retailer, took things further and decided to see the differences between the office shirts style in the US versus UK.

The result? A very explicit infographic that I’m happily sharing below.

men shirts style US versus UK

If goes through every aspect of a dress shirt, namely:

  • the collar
  • the color
  • the pattern
  • the cuff type
  • and, of course, the fit.

The infographic shows us something we already knew. American men are more bold with what they wear while the British are more conservative.

Infographic courtesy of

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  1. harton
    February 18, 2013

    why do u sculp your eyebrows?

  2. May 9, 2013

    Informative article and great illustrations. IMO we have a lot of catching up to do to the UK in terms of style.

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