7 Purple Outfits for Men

sursa foto: frenchtruckers.com

Question: what does a man do when he FINALLY wants to get something stylish? Answer: he chooses something purple.
It’s true, purple has it all: it stands out but not too much, it’s easy to match with many colors, including the white, black and gray clothes most men already have and… you can find it anywhere in the stores. I can even say some stores have practically colored themselves in purple.

If you want to add some color into your outfits and you don’t know what to choose, go for purple. I’m not going to give you much theory today, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Purple goes well with jeans…

sursa foto: frenchtruckers.com
sursa foto: frenchtruckers.com

… but even better with some black dress pants and some shoes…

sursa foto: splendicity.com
sursa foto: splendicity.com

… and if you want to add a sports jacket and a tie, you’re on the right track…

purple shirt with tie and suit
sursa foto: snowangelz.wordpress.com

… and if you want something more advanced, go for a polo shirt (I have one myself and I can say it suits me very well considering I have dark skin complexion)…

purple shirt with black horizontal stripes
sursa foto: ecx.images-amazon.com

… ok, enough black, let’s see what else goes well with purple…

sursa foto: mybrandclothing.com
sursa foto: mybrandclothing.com

… and if you want something for the winter in purple, take a look over the picture below…

sursa foto: thread.co.nz
sursa foto: thread.co.nz

Want something more advanced? How about the guy in the image below?

purple v-neck with white pants and brown leather jacket
sursa foto: superlovelyday.blogspot.com

P.S. I’ve written an easy to understand article about how should men color match their clothes. It’s a great starting point if you want to delve more into this subject.

And if you want more details about:

  • how to match colors and outfits
  • men’s shirts, accessories and the rest of the clothes

I invite you to access my e-Book, “Be Stylish!”. And if you want to post your purple outfits, feel free to do so by leaving a comment below.

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