Italian Flower Delivery Gifts Make the Perfect Surprise

Italy is known for many things most of which center around style and quality. It could be argued Italians are perfectionists. This extends to the beautiful Italian countryside and the abundance of flowers the country possesses.

With Valentines Day approaching fast and you may have friends with birthdays not far away you may want to send or give a bouquet of flowers. Italian flowers are particularly beautiful and romantic.

With this in mind let’s take a look at the Italian flowers that make great gifts.


Roses are arguably the most romantic of flowers and convey passion and love. They are perfect for romantic occasions. You can give a singular rose which traditionally is red, but you can be daring and send a white rose instead.

If you choose to have a bouquet of roses delivered, why not mix and match the colours for maximum effect?


Lilies are an unusual and distinct flower and a highly popular gift. Single lilies are not often given but instead, bouquets are delivered to the lucky person. Sometimes, lilies and roses are mixed together in beautiful flower arrangements. If the person you are giving them to loves flowers then they will always love a lily or two as a gift.


Gerberas are a highly popular, brightly coloured flower, second only to carnations and roses as the most given flower. The gerberas is a genetic relation to the sunflower and a range of colours is available. Not suited to giving a singular flower it does make for a fabulous bouquet. Often the flower is combined with others in an arrangement.

Deliver your Flowers as Gifts

Most florists offer delivery with many allowing you to arrange this online. This convenience enables you to choose the flowers you want and arrange for their delivery very quickly and easily. Just do a little research to make sure your chosen florist has a good reputation and has the flowers you want in stock.

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