Five Things Men Love to Splurge On

Women are known for splurging. It’s common knowledge that many women love to spend a little bit more money than they should on things like clothes, makeup, and handbags. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just women who will empty their bank accounts on frivolous items. Men like to splurge on things too! The difference is that men like to splurge on different items than women. Here are a few things that many men are guilty of spending a little bit more money on than they should.


Both men and women like to drive nice cars, but men are more guilty than women of spending more on their vehicles. Many men are willing to spend a little bit more to buy a luxury car, even if it means spending more on car insurance. Men are also more likely to spend more money to rent a fancier car when on vacation, and they’re more likely to rent luxury cars for the weekend.

Men are also more likely to spend more money to rent a fancier car when on vacation, and they’re more likely to rent luxury cars for the weekend.

It’s not just about buying and renting luxury cars. Men often spend more money on their existing vehicles to make them a little more comfortable or flashy. Many guys like to update vehicle features like exhaust, lighting, and seat covers.


There’s a reason why many gift guides online that target men feature tech items—it’s what men like to buy for themselves!

Electronics are a great thing to splurge on because there are items at many different price points. Men that don’t have a lot of money to spend can still buy a more efficient phone charger or ear buds, while those with more money to spend can splurge on the latest devices.

A few popular items men like to splurge on include:

  • The latest smartphone
  • New computers and computer parts
  • Smartwatches
  • Home security systems
  • Smart home devices
  • Gaming systems
  • Portable power banks


Both men and women sometimes splurge on food when eating out. That’s especially the case if they’re out on a date. However, men especially like to splurge on food, even if it means spending a little bit more at the grocery store.

Men love steak. They’re more likely to buy premium cuts of meat when they go out to eat, and they’re more likely to buy a premium cut when they visit the butcher at the grocery store. Men also like to spend more on fancy culinary items, like seafood, when hosting dinner parties and get-togethers. Men also like to splurge on drinks! You’ll find many men buying one more drink at the bar. They also like to splurge by purchasing quality beer at the grocery store or buying an extra case of beer when inviting friends over for the evening.


There are plenty of women who love sports, but men love to spend more money on the sport of their choice. That means spending a little bit more on items like jerseys, cups, posters, and more. Men are more likely to use their favorite sports teams to decorate than women. That means spending more money on sports themed blankets, pillows, wall hangings, and bar stools.

The ultimate splurge for the sports fan is tickets to a game. Tickets to most professional games are very expensive, even if you take the time to compare prices and choose seating wisely. That means some guys see just one game a year, but others may spend just as much, if not more, purchasing tickets to multiple minor league games. The ultimate splurge is season tickets, and many guys are willing to save up to buy them.


It’s not just themselves that men like to spend money on. Guys also like to spend money on the people they care about most. Many guys help support aging loved ones, and of course, they like to spend a little extra on their significant others. Men are willing to splurge on jewelry, which includes spending thousands on engagement rings. Although guys can sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to Christmas and birthdays, men spend more than women on Valentine’s Day.

They’re also more likely to buy things for the women in their lives who aren’t willing to splurge. Guys will spend money on massages, clothing, and other items to pamper the ladies in their lives who won’t pamper themselves. Men may be less likely to spend money on handbags and makeup, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things for them to spend their money on!


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