[I Bought] Brown Cotton Shorts, a Denim Tie and an Ascot

brown shorts

I’m really excited whenever I buy accessories and you will too once you see the photos. Although the prices were not discounted, I think I got pretty decent deals compared with what the other stores had to offer.

One more thing: if you’re going to make more than one purchase, always use a car to visit as many stores as possible in one day.

Item: Shorts (+ bonus canvas belt)
Fabric: cotton
Color: brown
Brand: Pull and Bear
Price: $29 (on April 22th 2012)
I’ll be wearing them with: boat shoes, loafers, sneakers, shirts (both long sleeved and short sleeved), polo shirts, t-shirts

brown shorts

brown shorts (detail)

brown shorts with dark blue belt

dark shorts with blue belt (detail)

These shorts were the best quality for the money. Plus, they let me keep the belt they had on which will work perfectly with my boat shoes.

Item: Slim tie
Fabric: cotton/denim
Color: blue
Brand: Mustang
Price: $18 (on April 22th 2012)
I’ll be wearing it with: by light blue shirt, my brown shirt, my shit shirt and, of course, with regular blue jeans

denim tie

denim tie (close-up)

I don’t usually visit mustang due to their higher than average prices but I did so today. I never had the chance to buy a denim tie and, given it’s fair price I didn’t hesitate much.

Since this is an unexpected place to be wearing denim, I’ll always make sure I pair it with some other denim item of clothing, be it jeans or a denim shirt.

Item: Ascot tie
Fabric: silk
Color: light blue with brown and purple
Brand: Seroussi
Price: $31 (on April 22th 2012)
I’ll be wearing it with: my dark brown shirt (which was the main reason I got this), my light blue shirt etc.

grey patterned ascot tie

grey ascot tie (close-up)

Ascot ties are great. They’re a classic accessory that few people wear them and, to be honest, I’m puzzled why.

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