[I Bought] A Yellow Dress Shirt, Black Lace-up Shoes and Belts

Since I was missing a decent pair of shoes to wear at work, I went into this little store downtown because I knew they had what I wanted.

As always, I ended up buying more than I wanted but rest assured the prices were decent.

So here goes:

Item: Shoes
Fabric: leather
Color: black
Brand: Fabio Lenzi
Price: $55 (on March 17th 2012)
I’ll be wearing them with: business-casual outfits, mostly work, but also to some evening casual encounters. Black is by tradition a great shoe color for the evening

black captoe shoe

captoe shoe (detail)

Item: Shirt
Fabric: cotton
Color: yellow
Pattern: vertical stripes
Brand: Dinasty
Price: $18 (on March 17th 2012)
I’ll be wearing it with: Brown sneakers and brown shoes, grey pants, maybe even black

yellow striped dress shirt

yellow shirt (close-up)

Item: Belt (2 items)
Fabric: leather
Color: black
Price: ~$9 each (on March 17th 2012)
I’ll be wearing them with: My black shoes, black/grey/white sneakers etc.

2 black belts

2 black belts close-up

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