Choose Your Short Haircut Style

If there’s one thing us men hate is to wear long hair. Washing it is annoying and, once it gets too big.. it just seems to stand in the way. Most of the times we prefer to keep our hair really short and keep things simple.

I’m sure that, if you already have a short hairstyle, you’re thinking to yourself: can I be stylish at the same time? There must be SOMETHING out there, some short haircut that looks great and would be right for me.

Before I get to the pictures, there’s one key thing I want to you consider: the shape of your face. I don’t know if you’re oval, round or diamond shaped. You’ll have to select only those pictures that are closest to your shape.

As you can see, the main thing about these short haircuts is that they raise the hair up. This makes the face look longer that it actually is. In contrast, if you shave your head or keep your hair really really short, provided that you have a round face.. you will look pretty unattractive.

Longer faces are considered to be more sexually attractive than round ones – don’t ask me why.

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  1. September 12, 2015

    My hair is very bad Smith hair

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