Can You Still Dress In Sports Clothes When You’re Older?

There was a time when you didn’t ever have to think of how you should dress at any age. Every man dressed the same. A suit and tie and a hat. Whether you were 21 or 61 it was the same. These days nobody has time for that. We want to dress casually and comfortably. Not to mention it would cost a fortune to dress in a suit and tie every day.

If you are over a certain age it becomes harder to dress in sports clothes as you can come across the wrong way. Dressing in your 40s is complicated since if you look too casual you look sloppy. Too sporty and you look like you’re trying to look younger. In this article, I will go over some of the ways you can look sporty and casual and still look your age. Here are some of my top tips.

1 – No ratty clothes

I hope that the ratty sweatshirt from your fraternity days is still in your closet for sentimental reasons. You don’t actually plan to wear it, right? You can still wear sweatshirts, but they need to be in good shape. Here is a a guide to custom hoodies to help you pick some new ones. Once you have some picked, you need to keep it in good shape.

Save the one with frayed cuffs and stains for when you are doing work around the house and put it away when you go out. The same rule applies to any t-shirts, baseball caps and jackets. All of your clothes should be in good shape.

2 – Find the right fit

Baggy clothes don’t really look good on anybody, to be honest. Younger people can get away with wearing clothes that are too big for them though. If you are older, then you can’t. You won’t look hip, you’ll just look disheveled.

Make sure that your clothes fit you well. Even a t-shirt or sweatshirt should be the right size. You may be tempted to cover the man bod in something loose fitting to not accentuate the belly, but try to resist. As long as the clothes aren’t too tight, it will look better if you aren’t trying to cover your love handles.

3 – Sports jerseys are for sports

I know you love the Boston Bruins and love showing off your autographed jersey. But save it for the game. Don’t walk around in a huge jersey that is ill fitting and not designed to be worn outside the rink. The same goes for football, soccer or any other sport. When you’re older, it just doesn’t look right.

The colors usually clash with other clothes. In fact, the colors sometimes clash within the jersey itself! The fit is not flattering and it is hard to match other clothes with them. Bottom line: it just will never make you look good.

4 – Wear casual shoes instead of sneakers

The all white sneaker just screams older suburban dude like nothing else. Instead, go with some casual walking shoes when you’re dressing sporty. They are comfortable and bring a little bit of style to your sporty look.

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