How to Start a Profitable Custom T-Shirt Business

There are a wide variety of small business ideas that people can use to make a little extra cash and a T-shirt business is one of them. Coming up with witty ideas and or sayings is part of the fun and appeal. Then when customers flock to your offerings, the hard work you’ve put in begins to pay off. Here are some things you need to know in order to start a profitable custom T-shirt business.

Products and Costs

To start off, you do need to invest some money into getting equipment and supplies. Primarily as a new custom T-shirt business owner, you’ll need a heat press machine in order to get your designs onto the shirts. With some research, you can then decide on which model press would best suit your individual needs.

Another cost that will come into play will be that of a printer. In order to get your designs down onto shirts, you’ll need to be able to get them from your mockup on the computer onto paper to be transferred. Again, there are many options at different price points for every buyer, so do your homework and compare prices.

Then there’s the piece de resistance, the shirts themselves. Being able to buy bulk tee shirts will save you money in the long run as you’ll have stock on hand and not need to make repeated purchases and incur multiple shipping costs.

As a side note, when deciding how much to charge for your designs, try not to undercut your competition too deep as to prevent yourself from making a profitable business. Remember, your time is money and you should base your rates to account for your efforts.

when deciding how much to charge for your designs, try not to undercut your competition too deep as to prevent yourself from making a profitable business.

Creative Designs

The next big thing that will come into play will be your designs. You don’t have to try and reinvent the wheel but creativity can really set you apart from the other companies on the market looking to lure away customers from your business. If you’re already someone who dabbles in the art field, this transition will be easy, but if you struggle in this area, an online art course might help you hone your artistic ability. Or you can try a local colleges listings to see if anything there might be of interest to you.

If you decide to forgo all the lessons, that’s fine because there are many brilliant T-shirts on the market that simply rely on text based designs. All you have to do is fire up your favorite designing program on your computer and tinker around with some concepts until you find a combo that strikes you as magnificent. Then you can send the design to your printer, prepare your heat press machine, press those designs to your T-shirt and revel in the fact that you created a custom shirt.

Self Promotion

With your small T-shirt business in motion, you’ll need to gain an online presence so you can get customers. You can make use of social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook to get the ball rolling. Using these platforms to post recent creations and to blog about your products, will allow people looking for custom-designed T-shirts to view your offerings.

With your social media outlets taken care of, you can then focus your attention on building a website to gain an even larger worldwide audience, not to say that Instagram or Facebook won’t allow you to do so. It’s vital to get your business name out there in front of the public eye so people know what services you are offering. Present yourself in a professional manner so potential customers can see that you’re a serious business with dependable and reliable services.

With an upfront hardware investment, some software knowhow, fun designs and the ability to get your business visible on the internet, you too can have a profitable custom T-shirt business.

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