How to Impress Her on the First Date…3 Foolproof Tricks!

You know how it is. You’ve met someone and you really want to hit it off with her. It’s only the first date but you’re getting all the right vibes. This is a date you want to do well on. It’s easy to mess up and make blunders on the first date and that’s perfectly okay.

However, if you want to make a girl swoon right from the first date, there are some tips and tricks you should keep in mind!

Groom, Groom, Groom

Before you start running for the hills, this is not a post that wants you to propose. Not at all! Rather, you’re far from walking down the aisle unless you groom yourself first. Grooming involves keeping yourself prepped and primed and looking good all the time.

See what we did there? If you have a beard, make sure it’s sculpted nicely. If you’re the kind of guy that prefers a cleaner look, remember to shave! Keep yourself groomed all over and keep in mind that some girls don’t like too much hair.

If this is the case, consult a cosmetician. You’d be surprised at the range of hair treatments for men available around, especially in Perth. Places like Absolute Cosmetic have the answers you need.

A well-groomed man is a wonderful sight for any girl on the first date. So take care to not neglect this basic tip.

Get your Book on!

A well-read man is any girl’s dream. This doesn’t have to be much of an effort on your part. All you have to do, before your date, is to pick up a newspaper here and there. Or turn on the TV during your downtime.

Be well informed about current events and new happenings around the world. Women enjoy intellectual discussions and you don’t want to be caught in an awkward slump on the first date.

Women enjoy intellectual discussions and you don’t want to be caught in an awkward slump on the first date.

Plus, being well-read gives you the opportunity to keep the conversation going. You can’t run out of things to talk about when you know so much!

It’s a popular misconception that looks are the only factor needed to impress a woman on the first date. This is untrue because looks start to get a lot less appealing if every time you open your mouth, nonsense comes out.

So read up and make sure you’re not caught unawares on the first date.

Footwork Makes the Dream Work

This is basic and super important. You need to wear the right shoes with the right outfit. We all know that fashion rules have relaxed a little bit over the years. However, it’s still unacceptable to wear brown shoes with a black outfit and vice versa.

Blue with brown is a good choice, as is maroon with grey. Find colors that complement each other, not ones that clash. This might seem like a little detail you can overlook, but women tend to notice it all.

So do your research, read your newspaper and look your best before your big date. Good luck!

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