Five easy ways to increase your productivity at work

Increased productivity at work will win you a few favours and you’ll be viewed as proficient and successful in your role. Continue reading for five ways to increase your productivity at work. You still have to work hard, but these ideas could make things easier for you!

1. Learn to say no

This can be easier than it sounds. When someone asks you to do something for them, consider first of all if this is going to be feasible in the timeframe. Also, question whether it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, others will ask you to undertake a task, yet they take all the credit, and therefore it makes them look more proficient or better at managing their time than they actually are. Additionally, it could prevent you from completing your own allocated work and have a negative impact on your own profile within the workplace.

2. Make the most of your journey to work

If you travel by bus or train, instead of using the time to catch up on social media, aim to reply to a certain number of emails during that time. You’ll feel much more able to begin work once you arrive; it’s a head start! Do take care not to make any phone calls though as discussing sensitive information in front of other commuters would be deemed unprofessional.

3. Establish a better sleep routine

Improved quality of sleep can lead to the ability to perform better at work. Ensure that your bedroom is the right environment: not too hot, free from clutter, and calming. If you struggle to get comfortable, evaluate whether you’re in need of a new mattress as these do not last indefinitely. Check out mattress dimensions and sizing chart here. Resist the temptation to carry out work close to bedtime as well; it’s important to relax after work. Switching off notifications on your phone can really help with this.

Improved quality of sleep can lead to the ability to perform better at work.

4. Take regular breaks

On the surface, this could seem counterproductive. However, ensuring that you are refreshed and ready to work to the best of your ability is beneficial. Spending too much time staring at a screen can stop you from thinking straight, preventing the best work decisions from being made. During long meetings, you will switch off after a certain period of time. This is absolutely normal. Try to encourage others in your team to get up and stretch their legs once in a while, perhaps a comfort break to the toilet. Standing meetings tend to make this easier.

Ensuring that you are refreshed and ready to work to the best of your ability is beneficial.

5. Look at things differently

Rather than trying to balance three different plates at the same time, aim to tackle one thing at a time. Multitasking is not the be all and end all. In fact, it can be detrimental to your productivity. If a task falls to you and is only a small five-minute job, rather than putting it off knowing that it won’t take very long. Doing it there and then will help you accomplish a lot more. Finally, make peace with the fact that perfection is not achievable on every occasion.

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