5 Tips to Make Your Woman Feel Special

Hello descendants from Mars! Have you found the perfect woman in your life yet? Do you know how to make your woman feel truly cherished? She could be your girlfriend, fiancée or wife, or a very close friend with a deep relationship beyond words. You don’t always need to shower her with expensive gifts. But, adding some special touches to your interactions with her would tell her how special she’s to you.

Dear men, it’s time to let the woman in your life know how you truly feel about her and make her smile with your love and adoration. The following five tips should guide you in the right direction.

Accept and Respect Her as a Person

No one is perfect. She may put up a flawless front in public. However, you might discover some private nuances about her every now and then. The key to win her heart time and again is to never judge her. Accept her as she is and respect her personality openly. This simple gesture will make her feel truly treasured!

The key to win her heart time and again is to never judge her. Accept her as she is and respect her personality openly.

Be Honest With Her

A woman values honesty in her mate more than you think. You might choose to not be 100% honest with her, even if only with a lie of omission to protect her in some ways. However, she wouldn’t appreciate the gesture as much as you’d like, if she learnt the truth. Be honest and open with her in your actions and words, without overly worrying about her approval or sensitivities.

Note: Being honest doesn’t mean being crude or impolite. If you talk about a known issue of conflict with her, please remember to present your views without being judgmental or negating her opinions.

Show Your Loyalty Before Expecting Her Trust

Let you woman decide when and how to trust you and never take it for granted. Meanwhile, convince her with your loyalty in public and private. Some of the essential gestures, to help you earn her trust quicker, while making her feel all the more special, are:

  • Not comparing her to other girls (definitely not your ex)
  • Introducing her to your friends
  • Complimenting her for her beauty and talents
  • Sharing your love online through social media (unless she’s a very private person)
  • And remembering small things about her, such as her likes, dislikes etc.

Include Her in Your Priorities

Consciously make time for her. Letting her know that you consider her as a priority in your life makes her feel all the more valued and cherished.

Show Her Your Vulnerable Side

You don’t have to be the macho hero for her all the time. Showing her your vulnerable side doesn’t make you a wimp in her eyes. But it tells her how much you value her as a person to overcome your own inhibitions for her sake. What better way to show her how special she is to you?

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