RnbJewellery.net Has Some Amazing Casual Accessories

So I’ve set my eyes long ago on some of the pendants and bracelets found on RnBJewellery.net but only recently did I contact them to review some of their stuff.

I have to say, figuring out which ones to get was the hardest part – I had at least 12 items on my wishlist. Eventually I narrowed that list to 3 of them. First I’ll show you the pictures on the site and at the end you’ll get to see how I incorporated them into my outfits.

I chose this gorgeous porcupine pendant

porcupine pendant

this black leather and metal bracelet

black leather bracelet

and this razor pendant with brown leather:

brown razorrazor pendant

As you can see, the photos look stunning. And there are more models on the site, but let’s focus on these for a moment. I bet you can’t wait to see how they look being part of real outfits.

OK, so this is me trying on these really cool accessories… and I must say, it’s like a breath of fresh air after so many shirt and ties. My outfit is composed of:

  • blue tailored shorts
  • white t-shirt with some gray on it
  • gray Zara sneakers with no-show socks
  • the blue porcupine pendant
  • the dark gray leather and metal bracelet

blue shorts with blue pendant and bracelet

blue shorts and black and metal bracelet

And here’s the razor pendant, worn in a very casual context alongside…

  • a blue t-shirt
  • brown tailored shorts
  • some brown and blue bracelets from H&M
  • and a pair of brown mocs

razor pendant with blue tshirt

brown razor pendant

Bottom line: RnBJewellery.net – highly recomended

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