Men’s Summer Socks

low cut socks

Summer is finally here for most of our readers. With this it is important to wear socks that won’t make you feel like you’ve stepped into a sauna, instead of in your own shoes. When the heat is on, some even prefer not to wear any. Is this a good idea? Let’s see…

First of all, a known fact: feet are among the body parts that sweat the most. During the summer, the excessive heat accentuates this process. The resulting sweat the enters the shoes where, because of lack of ventilation, it creates an unpleasant smell.

I’m sure you’ve been through this: someone takes off their shoes and, in a matter of seconds, the smell got to your nose…

bad smelling feet

What fabric to choose?

Summer casual socks should be made of cotton. Period. Cotton “breathes”. You can choose wool as long as the sock is thin and the temperature outside is not too hot. It’s a well know fact that cotton and wool do a great job at absorbing perspiration.

OK, Let’s see some specific examples of summer socks

”Low-cut” socks

low cut socks

This type of socks go very well with shorts. The difference between this and an ordinary sock is that the cut is low. In other words, the socks will hardly be visible from the shoe.

Low cut socks go very well with sneakers, converse shoes and boat shoes. There are also low-cut socks specifically made for sporting activities.

“No-show” socks

no-show socks

This special kind of sock is pretty much invisible to the eye when you have your shoes on. It only protects your toes and your sole and does not go up the ankle. In the two photos above you can see a casual no-show sock (left) and a sporty one (right).

What if I don’t’ want to wear socks?

In this case you have tow alternatives: talcum powder or foot spray. They are great alternatives to wearing socks but, personally, I prefer low-cut socks because I can match them with my outfit and make a better impression.

Whether you want to wear socks or go sock-less, the main goal is to make sure your feet don’t smell bad.

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