Men’s Rings. Wear Them to Impress Any Girl

johnny depp's rings

johnny depp's rings

Accessorizing is probably any stylish man’s favorite part. Accessories are what make us stand out from the crowd and, some of them do an excellent job.

Today I want to discuss a more… Casual accessory. Heck, some folks are totally against it, saying it’s got absolutely no style whatsoever.

However, by the end of this article you’ll see that men’s rings are a great way to express yourself. has a wide variety of fashionable rings for men at discounted prices.

If the thought of you wearing a ring hasn’t crossed you mind yet, I bet that a few pictures of Johnny Depp are just the thing to change your mind.
After you’ll convince yourself that rings are cool, we’re going to dig into the types of rings and how you can match them.


Just like I’m sure you avoid wearing too much perfume, try to avoid wearing too much jewelry at the same time. This is considered childish and you’ll quickly get cataloged by people as a “try-hard”.

Let’s start with the rings lookbook:

casual rings on with markings

photo: and Derek Wong

Amazing, right? Now let’s try and decipher what makes a good ring.

Step 1: Keep It Simple

First off, make sure you’re not wearing any bling-blings (unless you’re a passionate hip-hopper or rapper). For a sharp and clean look, stay away from shiny or bright rings.

If you’re afraid you’ll mess up, try with something very simple such as thins one, made of tungsten…

men tungsten ring


men stainless steel ring


You can go for something a little more special if you want but, as I said before, don’t go for any bling-blings. Choose a ring that has subtle markings on it, but nothing that stands out too much. For example…

cool ring


Step 2: Multiply

If you want and you think this is your style, you can go ahead and wear more than one ring at the same time. be careful though, not many people (including women) like this. Do it only if you’re sure this is your style.

Step 3: Match

Matching a silver, tungsten or titanium ring is easy. First off don’t wear any gold jewelry on you. Second, match it (or them, depending on how many you’re wearing) with a silver bracelet, a silver pendant or a watch with a silver strap. Not that by silver I mean any metal that looks like silver (titanium etc.).

But there’s much more you can do. Take this ring:

sterling steel ring

You can match the turquoise stone with a turquoise t-shirt. And you can match this one with anything brownish in your outfits.

sterling sinver men ring with tiger's eye

Gold rings

Gold rings aren’t as popular as the others (titanium, stainless steel, even silver) yet no one will get mad if you wear them. If you don’t care about the trend, match them with yellows and browns. If you do, keep gold rings as wedding rings only.

gold claddagh ring


This last ring is a very interesting one, by the way. It’s perfect for a wedding ring because it’s a special type: a Claddagh ring.

Claddagh rings have very distinct markings, reminding of love and friendship. They usually have one or more hearts on them and there is a story.

It is said that if you wear the Claddagh ring with the heart facing yourself, your heart is given to someone else. If you wear the ring with the heart facing outwards, you’re open to new relationships.

Mean wear rings, women wear jewelry. If you are considering purchasing a gift for your girlfriend or wide, pandora jewelry is a great option for any occasion.

Ok, I hope I gave you a few men’s rings suggestions that you can apply right now. My question to you is: have you ever worn a ring? Are you thinking of getting one?

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  1. Brody
    February 14, 2012

    Why no gold jewelry?

  2. February 14, 2012

    Gold rings (and jewelry in general) has lost a lot of ground in favor of titanium, steel and even silver. yet I’ll add a couple of gold rings just in case this is your style.

  3. Carl
    February 18, 2012

    I think that men should wear only one ring in their life – wedding ring.

  4. February 18, 2012

    And that’s your opinion.

  5. Walt
    February 24, 2012

    Great blog you have here 🙂 I love wearing rings. You wouldn’t believe how many guys out there don’t wear them. I find them very stylish, and great conversation starters sometimes. Thanks for the tips

  6. February 25, 2012

    Thanks Walt.
    What kind of rings are you wearing?

  7. james pog
    November 29, 2012

    I’m sorry, but each one of the men in the photos, looks like a woman, and is wearing clothes that is usually made for a women ( and they look a hell of a lot better in it). I don’t know what girls they are going to impress. Skinny jeans, are not meant for men. 4 rings on your fingers, are not for men. Layered scarfs are not meant for men. Johnny Depp, pulls it off, but he can still look like a man.

    While we’re at it. When talking about men, it’s cologne, not perfume.

  8. Paul
    January 16, 2013

    Wonderful blog! I actually wear a silver and turquoise ring exactly like the one below Step 3, except that I had the turquoise replaced with lapis. I love wearing rings, but just two at a time – one on my right ring finger (currently the silver and lapis, formerly a gold and lapis with diamond chips surrounding the lapis, and a gold and blue spinel college ring before that), and on my left hand, a simple gold wedding ring. It feels better balanced, having one on each hand. I love seeing other men wear rings – I’ve been fascinated, if not obsessed, with men’s rings since I was 10, though I didn’t start wearing rings till I was out of college. It surprises me that so few people comment on my silver and lapis ring – perhaps people assume it’s a college ring, looking at it from a distance. Thanks for a chance to talk about this!

  9. November 11, 2013

    I just got a ring its kinda of a big ring, is it stylish its like the 4’th ring just with out the brown inside it, instead its full silver with some speciel design

  10. Fs
    July 25, 2014

    I wear two identical gold rings with a single mid size diamond one on each hand. I never really thought much about it but I do get a steady stream of comments (usually from women)……

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