8 Types of Men’s Necklaces: Find Your Style

Necklaces are a perfect way to express a little more personality in your fashion. Wearing jewelry is often a taboo for many men simply because they don’t know how to approach getting the right pieces. Men’s necklaces should look as natural as possible — as if it was an effortless addition rather than appearing like you’re trying too hard. As a rule, leave out the overly sparkly, gaudycostume jewelry and go for clean, subtle touches that will balance your look. Here’s a look at several different types of men’s necklaces to help you find your perfect style.

1. Pendant Necklaces

A great modern option is pendants, which include an ornament or charm suspended from a long, simple chord or chain. You can find silver or gold pendants for men or opt for pendants that are made from other materials. There are often detachable options that will allow you to mix and match the pendant with various necklaces. Depending on the length and size of the pendant itself,these types of necklaces are often worn outside your shirt. It’s a popular style — but still plenty versatile that you can be totally unique.

2. Lockets

Lockets aren’t just for women; there are plenty of male-oriented locket styles available. This style of necklace usually has high sentimental value because it allows you to hold small souvenirs or photographs close to your heart. Most lockets are made with different types of metals and suspended from chains.

3. Chokers

Perhaps an acquired taste, chokers are essentially the opposite of pendant necklaces. They are usually solid bands that fit closely to the neck and may or may not include a charm. Although male chokers have only more recently become mainstream, they have been around for quite some time. A choker can realistically be made of any material so you can easily dress up or down your outfit.

Although male chokers have only more recently become mainstream, they have been around for quite some time.

4. Military Tags

Although originally intended for identification purposes, dog tags have made their way into the fashion world as well. Traditionally, these thin metal tabs with vital information imprinted on them hang from a ball chain. In fashion, instead of personal information, the tags are usually stamped with sayings or images and the basic ball chain may be exchanged for something a bit fancier. Dog tags aren’t a look for everyone — but if it works with your style, go for it.

5. Classic Chains

These are necklaces that are more subtle and serve as one of the most classic male accessories. The chain links are often relatively flat and close together to give off a ribbon-like appearance. Whether gold, silver or other metals, there are several styles, link patterns and widths of men’s chains. Classic chains are perfect for simple looks. Most common are mid-length chains that hang down to the top half of your chest and are usually visible with open collar shirts and t-shirts. It’s definitely worth spending a little more money to get a higher quality chain rather than a cheaply made poorly coated one if you want an accessory that will look good for years to come.

6. Religious Pieces

Religious necklaces come in different styles but have a focal point of a religious symbol, such as a star of David, cross, crucifix or scapula. Religious emblems are usually simple, understated and mostly come in pendant style. But there are various options to suit different tastes, depending on if you are more of a minimalist or you want a little bit more flare. Most often these types of necklaces fall below your neckline and are worn under your shirt. These can be a nice accent to your style as well as a representation of your personal beliefs.

7. Beaded

Beaded necklaces come in many different lengths, boho color schemesand materials. Some options to choose from include stones, beads or shells. These types of necklaces are the best way to add a beachy chill vibe to your style — especially when summer comes around. Consider picking a length that sits just around your collar bone, and focus on just one strand instead of layering.

8. Layered

Some layered necklace sets for men can be bought together.However,you can also be more creative and create your own layers. The most important step is to incorporate a few different lengths. When it comes to selecting good matches, start by pairing like colors. It may take a bit of experimentation to get the right look. Knowing when and how to mix styles and varieties can also allow you to accessorize without overdoing it.

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