What to Wear to a Casino

Are you going to a casino for the first time? Well fear not we are hear to discuss what you should wear when you go to a casino whenever the year.
Most casinos do have a dress code but it is more casual than many people think. It’s not just people dressed in shirts and ties with shoes, as long as it is smart casual then you will be allowed in. However to feel good we recommend looking good and here is what we advise.
Dress Sharp
Whatever you wear it is important to ensure that everything fits and is ironed perfectly. The great thing with a suit is that it is much easier to appear smart and sharp than it is with jeans. A great combination is a Suit Jacket with a shirt and dark coloured jeans. The shoes don’t have to be black but preferably a dark color to match the jeans.
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Suit Jacket or Blazer
This is probably our biggest tip, with a suit jacket looking smart is much easier and can be done with a t-shirt and jeans.
Don’t Wear Trainers
We only recommend wearing trainers when you are in training or exercising, don’t wear them to go to a casino. Not only will you not be allowed in you will not feel as smart as a nice pair of shoes.
Only wear sunglasses in a casino when you are playing poker.
The Use of Sunglasses
Only wear sunglasses  when you are playing poker, there is no need to wear them whilst at the slot machines or blackjack. This also goes for baseball hats and hoodies.

Online Gaming

For online gaming then visit 888 casino which is dedicated to the casino. For these games there is zero dress code and you can play online in the comfort of your own home in anything you so please.

This guide is for the casual casino and event types but be advised that there are casinos which are extremely exclusive and can only accept men in suits and ties. It is worth establishing the dress-code of the place before making the journey.

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