Ed Westwick

ed westwick

It’s not every day that you get to see a male celebrity dressing up so preppy. Yet Ed does it and I want you too see it for yourself.

Ed Westwick (or, as you may know him, Chuck Bass from the TV series Gossip Girl) is an English actor and musician born in Stevenage Hertfordshire, UK in 1987.

That’s it with the facts, I’m sure you’re more interested in his photos than his performances in Gossip Girl, right?

OK, here we go.

The first photo shows Mr. Westwick wearing an awesome camel coat, a charcoal gray suit, dark brown shoes and black gloves. A striped shirt and a patterned dark tie complete his outfit.

ed westwick in a camel coat

Did you spot which rule he broke in this outfit? He’s wearing black gloves with brown shoes. It’s usually not a good idea to wear black and brown in the same outfit, unless you can make it look good. Otherwise, you’ll be just like every other guy who’s randomly throwing black and blue on him.

A stylish outfit overall, nevertheless.

This second outfit is less about the clothes and more about his haricut:

ed westwick with cool haircut

Really cool haircut.

This next one is also really good, as it was part of a GQ photo shoot:

ed westwick in checked shirt, tie and tie clip

You may be wondering how can those two patterns work together? They seem to have nothing in common.

That may be true but the thing that binds the shirt and tie together is actually color. They’re both black.

Since they already have that in common, Ed (or, rather, GQ) decided to put together 2 totally different patterns… and it worked!

This next outfit has a lot of color in it – I’m not sure you’re willing to wear it. Nevertheless, it teaches a valuable lesson on how purple, yellow and white work well together.

chuck bass (ed westwick) in yellow pants and purple caridgan

If you want you can start with navy blue or black, the add just a touch of yellow and purple. This way you’ll be on the safe side, yet still wear a stylish color combination.

Let’s take a look at the next one. Notice anything strange?

ed wearing 2 shirts at once

Yep – Ed is taking things one step further (as you should too!) and he’s wearing 2 (that’s “two”) shirts at once!

This is very rare and you need some balls to do it. Yet Ed does a wonderful job (and I’m sure that his fame also helps him to get away with it).

I really like this next outfit because of it’s casual nature:

ed wearing a beanie, striped t-shirt and bracelets

Ed is really trying to stand out from the crowd. Check him out wearing a plaid suit:

ed westwick in a plaid suit

photo: mtv.com

If there’s one thing you should be careful with when wearing a plaid suit, it’s fit. Such suits are synonymous with older men so you have to do your best to erase that vibe. A slim fit plaid suit is 10 times better than one with a regular fit.

ed westwick wearing a blue suit

I don’t really like wearing red and pink in large quantities, yet Ed looks pretty darn good in this attire:

ed westwick in pink sports jacket and red tie

ed wearing a yellow shirt and navy blue sports jacket

Let’s continue with another well put together outfit from the GQ collection:

ed westwick gq

photo: gq.com

ed westwick in brownish leather jacket and striped t-shirt


ed westwick in shawl collar tuxedo

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  1. Ben
    April 15, 2012

    Don’t forget: Perfect outfit = Perfect FIT = clothes from Zara, H&M, Topman, RiverIsland,… don’t fit everbody. My advice: buy a sewing machine and make clothes smaller, short, whatever…
    Guys like Ed Westwick can buy expensive clothes, we can’t.


    (I LOVE his style!!!!! or what stylists made for him)

  2. George
    April 18, 2012

    … or you can just take them to the tailor. It’s a lot easier than learning how to do it yourself 🙂

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