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Let me tell you an amazing (true) story that happened to me right on my birthday... Whilst I was partying with a few of my buddies in a very popular bar, waiting for my girl (with whom I was in an open relationship) to show up...
I went to the bathroom when this dude approaches me and tells me: "Hey man, this is your lucky night! I have a friend who has noticed you and wants to meet you..." I said "ok". He takes me to meet this drop dead gorgeous brunette who was patiently waiting for us a few feet away. She was really sexy and taller than me...
We talked, for a few minutes and I told her we're gonna talk some more inside. Sure enough, she came by my table and started dancing like crazy with her back to me (while her friend was in front of her, telling her my reactions).
The crazy thing is, another crazy-cute girl who was near my table, put her glass on MY TABLE whilst peeking to see my reaction as well.
What was I doing differently, I'm an average looking guy?
all of A sudden women starting to approach me!
All I had to do is go to the club and then have fun. NO approaching girls, NO weird anxiety, NO nothing. The girls did everything.
I’m sure that by now you’re wondering: what made them act the way they did? Why would a woman who gets approached by hundreds of men, have the nerve to approach a guy? (Especially an average looking one such as myself)
Here’s the big secret: the way I was dressed
Women are hardwired to find good-looking fit, strong males and mate with them. In their lizard brains, they are the breeders. They need "resources" and stick around men who have them. (That's how the evolutionist theory goes.)
They're consciously and unconsciously looking for guys who meet their deepest desires. And there’s nothing you can do about it..
But what you CAN do is change the way you dress and transform yourself into a good-looking guy that will make them wet just by being in the same room with them...
Don't go on another date, don't go to another interview, don't even go out until you read the rest of this page!
By far, the fastest and easiest way of conveying that you’re worthy of sex is through your clothes. Clothes communicate social status, self-confidence and wealth.
The better you dress, the more powerful your signals will be.
Now I didn't just make this up. I have read dozens of articles, studies andI have watched every TV show I could find, that discussed the appearance issue. I was stunned with the answers.
Economics Magazine Study
Proves that Looks DO matter
[...] Grooming has the largest effect on GPA (Grade Point Average) for male students [...]
- Michael T. French, University of Miami
The fact of the matter is there are dozens of studies just like the one I quoted above... These studies CLEARLY reveal the fact that...
Well Dressed People:
have more friends, larger social circles and healthier relationships
HOTTER sexual partners and more sex!...
better paying jobs,
own more companies and corporations,
have lower divorce rates...
and MANY other "unfair" advantages!
Obviously, you can't fool anyone into thinking you're handsome when you're not. But what you can do is play the first impression game.
I can make you look EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE
You can be the best "you" that you're capable of by dressing for success. People have hard-wired good emotions towards other people who take care of themselves. This means better relationships and more life opportunities for you.
In time, I discovered dozens of secrets that make you more attractive. Finally I decided to put them all in one book, along with detailed advice about every piece of clothing you should wear. So I created...
The Be Stylish! A to Z Crash Course

Think of this one-of-a-kind eBook as your personal image consultant that will literally turn you into a hot *well dressed* sexually aware man, all without spending tons of money on expensive designer clothes.
Here are just a few of the benefits of dressing stylishly:

More sex! When you have women literally hitting on you, you'll be the one rejecting THEM.
Show your best traits and hide your body flaws (hanging belly, too short, too skinny etc.). Sneaky, I know... but girls do this ALL THE TIME!
Have people treat you better and enjoy your company more. Hey, you look great! - you'll hear this a lot...
You'll feel confident day in and day out and opportunities will finally start coming your way. Your suggestions and decisions will weigh more.
How to quickly win the respect and trust of powerful people by becoming “a well dressed rebel”.
Make your girlfriend fall in love with you all over again. In fact, you'll be able spark sexual attraction in every woman you meet, using my secret style combos (I've personally used a scarf paired with a dress shirt and a cardigan with amazing results).
Put your career into high gear. Use your personal image and charisma to help attain your financial goals.
How to mix and match colors and clothes. Learn the science of looking handsome.
Use the power of accessories to express your personality and send undercover SEX signals to women. They'll wanna know "where you got that ring from".
Give off a STRONG classy vibe by wearing a suit in the right size and fit. Knowing the details of this wonderful item of clothing is essential.
And much, much more...

Best of all, you’ll learn to look great without going broke! You don't need expensive designer clothes to look good.
My system for (quickly) changing your personal image can be learned by anyone. And, for this...
You don't need to be tall
You don't need to be handsome
You don't need to have muscles
You don't need to have any current sense of fashion and style whatsoever
You can be 18 or 80 – it doesn’t matter. (Women are attracted like crazy by well-dressed older men.)
I know this sounds like it's too good to be true and I understand if you're skeptical. In fact, I hope that you are skeptical... because I was at first too. Until I changed the way I dressed and I saw how my life changed right before my eyes.
Ever since I saw the results and experiencing how people treated me differently, I swore I would dedicate my whole life to teaching other guys how to dress sharp. It's easy, fun and relaxing and I'm sure it will be for you too.
I can make Elmer Fudd look like Johnny Depp right now, I’ve done it before and I can do it again. I can’t get enough of men thanking me with tears in their eyes for transforming them from downright ugly to handsome studs.

This is because my extensive knowledge in this field is based on:
Hundreds of e-mail and phone consultations with guys of all ages, body types and personalities. I've been doing this for over 4 years and loved every minute of it!
Dozens of face-to-face consultations and shopping sessions (trying on hundreds of clothes combinations to see what works and what doesn't)...
Endless discussions and debates with fashion consultants, dating experts and male models!
and, of course, applying EVERYTHING on myself (clothes, shoes, accessories, hair cuts, hair products, you name it).
I made a lot of fuss with my initiatives and ideas. A while back I've even been invited to a local television, where I showed a printed copy of the Be Stylish! ™ book.
I’m the one on the left in the picture below (wearing a black sports jacket, a blue striped shirt and a white vest):
Confession: I made some big mistakes at first... Mistakes you're going to save months (and some embarrassment) by side-stepping from day one
But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of my clients have to say:
"Our sincerest thanks for creating a great product"
Our sincerest thanks for creating a great product that is really aimed at helping men be fashion literate. We need more products like yours out there in the market.
A very wide coverage of topics related to improving your appearance. From every piece of clothing all the way to hygiene, this product won’t leave a single inch of your body looking ugly.
Another module that most "bros" would definitely appreciate is the section about "Putting It All Into Action." Theory is useless without application so this module guides you with practical tips on how to dress based on your body type and face shape, just to name a few. There are also hidden gems in this section like smart shopping tips as well as tricks to maximize the impact of the first impression you project.
- Kurt,

"It's amazing what you've managed to compress in 220 pages."
Allow me to first congratulate you for a job very well done. It's amazing what you've managed to compress in 220 pages, the experience of years of hard work. [...] I can say I felt it very personally, like an old friend would tell me a story on a night out.
- Octavian A.

"I've changed myself almost radically as far as clothing is concerned"
Shortly after I bought your package I noticed different reactions in people I see very often. They seemed surprised because they knew I almost never wore shirts. I surprise them every week now with some new item of clothing.
- Adrian A.
Dress Like You're Getting Laid
OK, here’s what you’ll get: twelve easy-to-read modules jam-packed with information, that take you through men’s clothing from A to Z.
I went through each item of clothing with a fine tooth comb and I made it super easy for you to read and apply the info. For your convenience, I’ve set them up such that you can start with any module you want.
Module 1: Grooming and Hygiene
Did you know your face is the first thing someone looks at when they see you? Don't let these grooming mistakes ruin the most important events in your life.
Get rid of those annoying pimples and red spots by using the right products for your skin type. You’ll feel like a new man with your perfect “celebrity” skin.
Turn back the clock. Use my secret 5-step formula for taking care of your facial skin. If celebrities do it, so should you.
Find out why 3-blade razors are practically *murdering* your skin. What to use instead and how to get that perfect shave fast and with no pain.
Find the right cologne for your body type and personality. Now she'll have a reason to talk about you with her girlfriends.
Get the perfect hair style for you. Apply the one factor that can make it or break it when you choose it (pictures inside).
Get rid of excessive sweating right now!
Hair loss prevention tips.
And lots more…
Module 2: The Suit
Don’t know a quality suit from a complete rip-off? You will from now on. Stop spending your money on cheap suits.
What texture, color, fabric, lapel and style are best for you? Find out everything at page 35.
Want a suit that fits you like a glove if you’re thin, tall, fat or short? I’ll tell you which one to buy.
Where can you find great quality suits for less than $300? I’ll tell you the trade secret...
Protect your investment by taking good care of your suit! Plus, the biggest mistake that can ruin it at page 45.
And much more…
Module 3: The Shirt
It’s time to move on from t-shirts. Shirts will make you sexier and give you a class. How to choose the right colors that will contrast perfectly with your skin tone.
Which shirt to wear in formal and informal occasions. Make a statement but make the right statement.
Still don't want to let go of t-shirts? I'll share a secret on how you can look stylish in them, at any age.
Shoulders too wide compared to your waist? Find out what advice I gave one of my readers at page 54.
And a whole lot more…
Module 4: Blazers and Jackets
Be a real-life James Bond by wearing a blazer. You’ll practically hypnotize the women you come in contact with!
Classic jacket? Leather? Denim? Pick the one that you resonate best with.
I'll let you in on the crucial factor when it comes to choosing a jacket. You don't want to look and feel uncomfortable.
How to wear a parka. The secret outfit you can wear for an amazing look.
And much, much more…
Module 5: Pants and Jeans
Dress up your denim. Make outstanding outfits starting with a pair of simple jeans.
I’ll let you in on what the best denim is (I’m talking quality here). Save money by purchasing durable jeans.
When you should wear chinos, khakis and cargo pants. You'll know how to dress right for every occasion.
And much more...
Module 6: Shoes and Socks
Shoes are the first thing women look at when they check a guy out... Wear this type of shoes to have them thinking about you for days to come.
Comfortable or stylish? You can be both. Learn to pick quality shoes and match them with the rest of your outfit.
A square toe or a rounded one? A big chunky sole or a slimmer one? Turn on to page 80 to find out.
Don't be like the other dufuses who always wear black shoes (and look like clones). Start wearing brown and coordinate it with the rest of your outfit.
Sock color is also crucial. Find out how to match your socks to the rest of the outfit.
With or without socks? If you get this right, it can make the difference between complete embarrassment and a super-attractive look.
And much much more…
Module 7: The Overcoat
Wanna know all about being stylish when it’s freezing or raining outside? I'll give you plenty of overcoats to choose from.
I'll let you in on which men's coats will make you look *manly* and which ones to avoid. Believe it or not, some of them will make you look feminine.
Module 8: Accessories
Start wearing ties! It's all in the details... I'll show you how to pick your ties and match them with your shirt, suit and blazer.
How to make the Windsor knot (step-by-step pictures included)
Don't get screwed when buying sunglasses. Plus, how to pick the right pair to go with your face shape, eyebrows and hair style.
Choose the right belt for a complete coordinated outfit. This is a must-know for any man.
Ever had problems with that belt hanging? Learn how to choose the right belt size for you.
Learn to tie your scarf like an Italian. Step-by-step pictures inside.
Find out what pitfalls to avoid when buying a watch. Match it with your clothes for a class and stylish look.
Wear bracelets and rings. Why? Because women like sexy. I'll tell you which ones.
Go beyond boring formal wear. I'll show you how to wear a pocket square, match it with the rest of your outfit and where to find the best prices.
And much much more…
Module 9: Taking Care of Your Clothes
Clothes are an investment so you need to protect them. Learn how to prolong their life time and have them look great for years!
How to remove the most common stains. Know what to do in every situation.
How to salvage your suede shoes if they got stained. Why spend hundreds on a new pair when you can make the old one look brand-new again?
Module 10: Matching Your Outfit
Are you wearing clothes with big logos on them? Maybe socks with sandals? If this sounds like you, I’ll tell you what to do to avoid some fatal mistakes that could cost you a lot in the long run.
Learn the secret weapon of casual style: layering. How to make stunning outfit combinations by layering clothes.
You can wear a suit but you don’t want people to mistake you for a congressman. Put some color into it and show your personality.
And much much more…
Module 11: Put It All Into Action
Once you decided which clothes and accessories you want to wear, it’s time to take action. Find out my secret tips for smart shopping and save thousands!
14 sneaky little tricks to make yourself look taller. Women always prefer taller guys. You can fool anyone with these techniques and gain inches.
How to dress appropriately for your age. Don't look like the kid you once were.
How to look slimmer instantly. Lose a few extra pounds each time you apply one of my tricks that I'll share with you at page 170...
Find out my 7 killer first date style tips. I never ended a first date without french-kissing the girl and neither should you.
What's the number one mistake guys make when going to an interview. Plus, 5 sure tricks to make your employer hire you.
How to quickly know what facial shape you have and find the perfect haircut for you - faster than you can snap your fingers!
And much more…
Module 12: Inspirational Style Icons
This special bonus chapter will reveal to you 14 celebrity style icons that really know how to dress. When you need some style ideas, turn to these guys for help. Their clothes and personalities have inspired generations.
But wait! there's a lot more:
... if you act now you’ll also get free instant access to three "first-mover" bonuses that are going to be off the table later on if you put this off...
fast action bonuses

Amazing bonus #1: "Advanced Fat Loss Nutrition"
(valued at $27)
There are plenty of books about training and cardio... but none when it comes to real, real nutrition, that can make you lose pound after pound.
Nutrition doesn't care about genetics. The more you know and apply, the less hard you have to train to get to the same result: a nice 6-pack.
Amazing bonus #2: "The 37 Rules of Men's Style"
(valued at $17)
Learn the worst 37 dressing rules you're probably making right now! Find out how many of them you break and correct them ASAP!

Amazing bonus #3: "What Women Look At The First Time They See a Man"
(valued at $19)
Find out what women secretly want you to know about fashion. I’ve delved into their mind and finally figured out what they look at the first time they see a guy.
From now on you’ll be armored with the right image that will trigger women’s attraction switches again and again..
The 7 Most common questions
on men's fashion and style
Q1. What will my friends and family say when they’ll see me all dressed up?
A1: The change doesn’t have to be drastic - it’s up to you. Just start with one piece of clothing and take it one step at a time. Your peers will respect you more without even knowing why!
Q2. This won’t work for me. I won’t look good no matter what I wear.
A2: Hey, I didn’t look good either. I fact, I bet I probably looked a lot worse than you do right now. And now I have the hottest girls checking me out and whispering to each other: “Do you see how that guy is dressed?”
Q3. I already dress well… I don’t need this!
A3: In that case, props to you! There’s always more to learn and I’m sure I can help you make outfits that are so good; you’ll want to throw away your old clothes.
Q4. What will my wife or girlfriend say?
A4: Women love fashion and style. They want you to look at your best because they know how important your personal image is. If she’s ever worn lipstick, she’ll say "yes" to you trying my system.
Q5. My beer buddies are gonna laugh at me if they see me dressed stylish! What should I do?
A5: Your beer buddies never dated hot girls (except those who look good genetically). Once you read and apply all the modules, you’ll see sexual opportunities coming your way… regularly.
Q6. I’m a college student and short on cash. Can I be stylish on a budget??
A6: Absolutely! It all boils down to the way you put together your outfits and finding quality clothes at reasonable prices. It’s so easy even a kid could follow this.
Q7. I’m too old. I don’t need this anymore…
A7: Sorry to disagree with you on this one. Older people are way more stylish than younger ones. You are the real gentlemen. Just find the clothes that show your wisdom and personality..
Ok, George... So How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?
Let me ask you this: how much are you willing to pay to have a cute girl by your side? How about two girls? Can you put a price tag on it?
$5,000 ? $3,000 ? $2,000?
Most image consultants charge you up to $250 per hour, and they have the nerve to set the minimum duration to 2 hours!
Are you kidding me? 500 bucks just to get only a small fraction of the information contained in my package?
What if I told you that Be Stylish ™ won’t even cost you $500? How about $100 or even $50? A steal, I’m sure you agree.
But you don’t even have to pay that much. I want to give it to you right now for only $37. That’s less than a decent pair of sunglasses!
Take action right now and you'll only be charged $37 for the entire course PLUS the bonuses e-books.
Since this is a discounted price (used to be $87), it might not be up for long. This could be the last time you see this offer. I hate to say this but…
if you come back in a day or two you might wake up with only the option to pay the full price!
here's my 60-day love it or it's free guarantee
Take the eBook and the bonuses and work on your image for 60 days. That's more than enough time to get a few cool clothes and put together a few attraction-generating outfits.
If you're not happy with your new and improved look, all you have to do is send me an e-mail and I'll refund you every penny.
Or, you can just e-mail clickbank directly (you'll get all their info on the receipt that comes with the product) and you'll get an AUTOMATIC refund.
The ClickBank guarantee is probably the safest and most trusted across the internet.
And I personally stand behind my product, so you have nothing to worry about.
Heck, you can even e-mail me (don't forget to mention that you're a customer, my inbox is flooded every day) and I'll personally answer any questions you may have.
- George

Yes, George! I want to be the handsome stud that dresses like he's getting laid!
Yes, I want to look hot in a matter of days and your system is the only solution. I want people to respect and admire me!
I understand that if I'm not completely satisfied with your eBooks, I can simply delete them and get my money back. Your 60 days Guarantee has got me covered.
I also get that I need to act now in order to get the bonuses...
Ask yourself: what would I give in exchange for a personal image that everyone will respect and admire?
Can you imagine giving off a strong sexual vibe to every woman you meet, triggering heart pounding attraction and nail-biting sexual desire inside her?
Are you willing to be that man?
The secrets which will make you look and feel great, that will give you floods of respect and admiration from those around you, and will ultimately turn you into a highly respected and attractive man, are finally here. You’re just a click away from them!
Please - if your self esteem means ANYTHING to you - let me hear from you right away!

Your image consultant,
"This eBook gave me the final push"
"This eBook gave me the final push to go to a dermatologist, to find out I had sensitive skin. Now my face is clearing up and feeling smooth.
Now to the fashion aspect, I've learned to match colors better and the use of accessories to bring a little more style to plain outfits. Also to use as a finishing touch on already good looking outfits."
-Jimmy Rohn, Louisville, KY

"it's simply indispensable, let alone captivating"
"I've never read a more useful book in my entire life! it's simply indispensable, let alone captivating, not to mention the pictures you can find at least one for every 2 pages, which are incredibly useful"
- Chris

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