Shocking "before" and "after" pictures
of regular guys turned stylish (and handsome)
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I've got at least a dozen pictures that will tell more life stories that you could write in a book.
But these aren't ordinary stories. They are transformations of guys like you and me who decided it's time to dress and look sharp.
OK, with that being said, I'll leave you with the style transformations.
Let's start with...

^^ Same guy but different clothes and a different haircut. Can you pull something similar?
And how about this one? From jeans and a t-shirt to some nice cotton shorts, a matching cardigan a great shirt and a stylish scarf.

And, if you're more of the formal type, here's anothe great transformation:

Sports jackets and khakis are some of my favorite clothes. It's just cool.
*Save the best for last*
is what I always say...
These are MY "before" and "after" pics:

and how about these?
OK, last ones:
Shocking? Not for me... I've helped hundreds and hundreds of men with my books, e-mail and live consultations. Maybe you can be my next success story.