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A brand that is grabbing our attention and one to certainly look out for is Maniere de Voir, an up and coming online fashion brand fusing contemporary trends with a cool, minimalist edge. Surprisingly affordable too for the innovative garment construction and high quality fabric! Designed in England, they inspire to craft quality, fashion forward …

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fathers day

With less than a month to Father’s Day it is important to show your Dad that you care. We have just had Mother’s day here in the US and hopefully we ensured they felt special, this time its fathers who need to see the love and appreciation you have for them. We have decided to …

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When we first heard about Waft, the ability to create a unique perfume we had to get involved and give it a try. We are always looking to try new products and services and this is a great combination of both, the service to create unique perfume for yourself or for a gift. With Mother’s …

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I often wonder how would I feel if I lost my iPhone and all the personal pictures on it, I would be devastated! Even though I am IT savvy and understand the need to have backups I am not certain I have. Whilst the iCloud is a great tool for saving photos, this easily becomes …

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